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Color is one of the many ways structures can stand out in their communities! Architectural visions can be brought to life using masonry or concrete stain on commercial projects. Nawkaw can match any color and will work with you until you get the perfect stain color you desire.

Project: Kingsbury Medical Centre

Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

This medical building got a major upgrade! Nawkaw’s expert color treatment turned this gray, concrete building into an extraordinary display of fresh, vibrant color with a beautiful wood grain contrast. Nawkaw Stain Applicators provided a natural and dark grey base, bright neon green accents, as well as created the faux-wooden look on textured concrete that fools visitors from any distance.  


Kitchener Before Photo

This unfinished building had a lot of potential! Nawkaw was brought in to bring the artistic vision for this gray structure to life. 


Kitchener After Photo

A combination of expert stain application and textured concrete created a modern and eye-catching final look.

Project: LaFarge Precast

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

This precast building proves a little bit of stain goes a long way! Nawkaw partnered up with LaFarge, an industrial company that specializes in cement, to beautify this concrete structure. NawTone-K was used on all elements pictured.


This precast building was a blank slate to add amazing color. 


Nawkaw added color in varied shades and translucency to finalize the building’s look.

Project: Peninsula Private Hospital

Location: Frankston, Victoria, Australia

This precast concrete project was completed in 2016. Nawkaw was hired to transform the form-lined gray concrete with striking and contrasting colors. NawTone was applied in cream, black, and red. Additionally, a chic, dynamic border was created around the windows. 

Project: medical Centre

Location: Richmond, Victoria, Australia

The vision for this medical center was to stand out from its environment using form liners and Nawkaw to transform the gray precast color into stunning, bright green colors, using NawTone-G.

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