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Most frequent questions and answers

What's the difference between stain and paint?

While paint just covers surfaces, staining will protect and preserve the surfaces in addition to infusing color. Our stains are designed for longevity against weather, unlike paints that can chip, fade, or peel easily.  Our stains are more durable alternatives to paint due to the chemical and/or mechanical bonds created. Check out our color and colorless options

What does nawkaw mean?

Even though the headquarters for Nawkaw is in Athens, Georgia, it originated somewhere very different: Canada! Since it was founded in Canada, the name pays homage to its originating country. The term ‘Nawkaw’ comes from the sound that the Canadian Goose makes when it travels south for winter. 

What are the products made of?

Our products are water-based and contain environmentally friendly ingredients. Made for concrete and masonry, they include water, light-fast colorants, and durable binders. Each stain has specific advantages. You can find documents and specifications available for download under each tab for a specific product here

Is nawkaw available where i live?

Our technicians provide services all over the United States and the world! If you visit our portfolio, you will see our projects in varying locations over the country. Visit our location section today to find out the closest office to you, so that you can get a quote (cost per square foot) for your project.

Are the products environmentally friendly?

One of our vital initiatives is to provide a better quality of life through our products and services by maintaining a beautiful and healthy environment. Because of this commitment, we develop zero VOC products and provide solutions that conserve and restore existing surface materials.

Check other values that are important to us here

What Surfaces can Nawkaw Products be used on?

Nawkaw products and services are recommended for external surfaces, including brick, block, mortar, concrete, and stone. They can also be used for interior applications like fireplaces or accent walls. 

While our products are mostly recommended for vertical surfaces, horizontal surfaces can be stained upon consultation to see if treatment is suitable. 

Do you sell just the product?

Nawkaw does not just sell products. Our experienced technicians provide masonry and concrete staining. Most of our products are backed by a 25-year warranty. Check under the “warranty” tab under the product you wish to use and check with your local representative. In addition, we also provide color consultation to bring your ideas to life. 

Can I apply the product myself?

It is possible to apply Nawkaw products by yourself, but it is not something we recommend. Our qualified technicians have specialized in training and resources that allows them to become highly competent in surface assessment and preparation, the usage of correct equipment, and application procedures through a variety of hand and spray techniques.

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