Concrete Wood

Various colors and applicative techniques produce a wide breadth of possibilities in woodwork replication. Nawkaw’s expert Stain Technicians hand-replicate natural striations and inconsistency in wood growth.  

The result is a transformative piece of concrete that can fool from any distance. Our woodwork creations are perfect for designers that wish to marry natural materiality with higher durability.  

Concrete Brick

Masonry comes in all shapes and sizes. Brick by brick, Nawkaw stains precast and pre-textured concrete to emulate the naturally porous texture of brick and mortar.

Various hues can be used to create a range of texture and color and elevate any project. Harness the craftsmanship of masonry at any scale. 

Concrete Stone

Quality stone and masons are hard to find. However, formliners can mold concrete into perfectly repeating or complex and unique stonework easily! 

Nawkaw Stain Technicians are certified and trained in material replication. Using a range of natural tones, perfect stonework can be pulled out of gray concrete to your specification.

Concrete Corton

Corton steel is highly-sought after for its durability and rugged beauty, but its installation cost can overrun any budget.

Corton steel’s texture can be perfectly replicated on flat concrete siding and walls to give your project a beautiful finish at a fraction of the cost. 

Concrete Patina

Weathered copper or patina finishes evoke feelings of durability, reverence, and longevity. 

The unique rusted appearance is replicated precisely on concrete by Nawkaw’s Stain Technicians. The final look is more affordable and just as durable and can be customized for your exact needs. 

Concrete Leather

In Christchurch, this water supply pump station needed a final finish many would consider impossible to replicate on concrete. The architect envisioned a unique leather look to accent the road-facing section of the project.  

Nawkaw rose to the challenge—utilizing both NawTone-G and NawTone products on top of gray concrete to create a weathered leather appearance as per specifications.

The final look matched the desire of both the Christchurch City Council as well as the commissioning architect, giving this critical piece of infrastructure a unique beauty and charm.  

Your Concrete Color Specialists

Nawkaw’s concrete color solutions enable architects and project managers to customize their concrete. Whether you want to equalize imperfections in the casting process or a complete color transformation, Nawkaw’s in-house production and application specialists can get it done.
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