Get the right color for your project—every time
Nawkaw’s expert color matching technology utilizes in-house scientific research to perfectly match any pre-existing or requested color
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Your additions—invisible to the naked eye.

Nawkaw’s color matching technology is perfect for infill work or additions to pre-existing projects.  

No two batches of masonry are the same, so if your project doesn’t have pre-existing brick on hand, any infill work will be noticeable immediately, creating unsightly patches across an otherwise natural range of brick. 

Nawkaw matches colors within one delta-E, which means the replicated color will be indiscernible from the color that’s pre-existing. It’ll be like the repairs never even happened! 

Masonry Transformation

Since day one, Nawkaw has been specializing and perfecting the masonry staining process. Our in-house production team is able to precisely match pre-existing color for repair, extension, and infill work. Our expert Stain Technicians are also able to create natural ranges of color, touch up mortar work, and create unique and transformative finishes for a once-in-a-generation total color solution.



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