Restore and conserve irreplicable historic structures through color
Historic preservation projects can utilize Nawkaw’s color matching and expertise to cover up infill work and restore masonry to its original or intended color.
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History Preserved in Lower Manhattan

Formally known as the Western Union Building, 60 Hudson Street is an iconic fixture of Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood. The 90-year-old building had an assortment of masonry work in varying and incongruent shades that had compiled over its rich and lauded history.  

To correct this issue, Nawkaw was called in to ensure 60 Hudson Street’s original, art deco-inspired masonry finish was reflected throughout every brick. Using penetrative mineral stain, Nawkaw Stain Technicians were able to color over the imperfections and return this historic structure to its original form. 

Henry Dubin House - Highland Park

Nawkaw had the honor of restoring the exterior of architect Henry Dubin’s ‘Battledeck House,’ which had fallen into disrepair since its original construction in 1930.

Our in-house experts in material replication were able to restore the original brick range and texture to the project and color match all replacement brick brought in for the restoration. Now returned to its original glory, the Battledeck House serves new owners with the same striking architectural beauty as it had over 90 years ago.

Masonry Transformation

Since day one, Nawkaw has been specializing and perfecting the masonry staining process. Our in-house production team is able to precisely match pre-existing color for repair, extension, and infill work. Our expert Stain Technicians are also able to create natural ranges of color, touch up mortar work, and create unique and transformative finishes for a once-in-a-generation total color solution.

A Musical Legacy

The Cincinnati Music Hall has been the classical venue of choice across Ohio since its construction in 1878. The nearly 150-year-old structure had several portions of degraded or compromised masonry which needed replacing. With no original brick remaining, Nawkaw was sought out to ensure repairs masonry replacement would not tarnish the visual legacy of the music hall. 

Nawkaw precisely color matched new and infill brick to the original tone using long-lasting masonry stain and expert applicative techniques. Today, the musical legacy of Cincinnati Music Hall lives on, as the venue looks the same today as when it did in the late 19th century. 

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Neenah Clock Tower

Constructed in 1888, the Neenah Clock Tower originally functioned as a beacon for City Hall.
For more than a century, this four-sided clock tower had been worn down from pollution, grime, and copper stains. In one short week, the brick, mortar, and stone were cleaned and restored. Next, Nawkaw stains were utilized to color the entire structure and mask infill work and mismatched brick.

The final look returns this clock tower to its rightful glory in the heart of Neenah. 

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