Commercial Application

Comprehensive color, texture, and aesthetic solutions for your buildings.

Material Replication

We transform textured concrete into wood grain, brick and mortar, metal paneling, and much more.

Color Equalization

Eliminate concrete inconsistencies while preserving the natural texture and beauty of concrete construction.

Color Matching

Our team will perfectly replicate existing project colors on new materials and mask repair work.

Color Transformation

Choose one-of-a-kind looks with custom colors in virtually any shade.

Adaptive Reuse

Breathe new life into legacy structures and modernize existing masonry surfaces with new stain.

Historic Restoration

Eliminate costly substrate replacement through our prowess in color and texture replication.

Digital Mockup Services for Homes

Digital Mockups

Have our in-house team virtually transform your home or commercial project before we ever apply a drop of stain.

Color Consultation

Work with Nawkaw representatives to develop the custom color solution you’ve been searching for.

Substrate Cleaning_Nawkaw

Surface Preparation

Our certified crews are highly-trained in preparing your surfaces for a sustainable stain solution.

Our Process

At Nawkaw, achieving the look of your dreams is a simple process. From start to finish, our process is only four simple steps:

Sample Creation & Approval
On-Site Application
Quality Control Walkthrough

We provide a holistic product and service solution to simplify your operations.

Our crews will do all of the heavy lifting for you–leaving you with a beautiful building that’ll last for decades to come!

Color & Finish Consultation

As Color Specialists, Nawkaw is dedicated to helping you make the right choice when it comes down to color. Nawkaw offers a variety of standard colors – but truly, there are no limitations with our shade and opacity selection! With our color-matching services, any shade can be produced to create something new or match to an existing color or texture. Do you want to know what your building would look like in a different color? No problem! Our Color Specialists offer color samples, applied to your building. They also have the capability to mix colors on-site until you’re happy with the outcome! 

Digital Mockups

Color Samples

On-Site Color Mixing

Weather Adjustable

Download the Finish & Color Chart

Browse colors, ranges, and a host of finishes to inspire your next project.
Color Finishes Chart_Nawkaw_01-2022

Substrate Testing

Many factors come into play when choosing the appropriate stain system for your building. Different approaches are required for each structure to ensure that both the finish’s beautiful look and longevity are achieved. During on-site substrate evaluation, a water absorption test, moisture content test, and pH measurement are usually the first tests to be completed. They will be followed by CSN Ion tests if needed.

Our Operations Managers will determine if any further substrate testing is necessary, depending on the building materials, prior treatment, and current condition. If required, our experts will perform laboratory analyses and design the best solution for your building’s needs free of charge. Nawkaw also provides reports on stain performance on the customer’s specific substrate and certificates for your tender documentation.

Briggitte Emmons Nawkaw R&D Specialist

Questions About the Science of Nawkaw Products?

Briggitte Emmons-Vega
Research & Development Specialist

Adhesion Test

QUV Accelerated Weather Testing

Durability Testing

Nawkaw stains never peel, chip, or fade. A standard adhesion test is all it takes to showcase why mineral and acrylic stains are more powerful than even high-quality latex paints.

Our stains are tested to ASTM standards (or their international equivalent) by our in-house Research & Development team. Our internal results are cross-evaluated by independent laboratories.

All our products are tested for durability. These durability tests verify that the performance of our products and the bond they form with various substrates meet our high standards.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is just as important as the application of our stain products, because any residual materials, or even dirt, can create barriers between the stain and the substrate to be treated. At Nawkaw, we use only the highest quality products. From site preparation, necessary equipment rentals, hot and cold concrete or masonry cleaning, on-site training, and safety, to cleanup and material disposal, we take care of it all.

Product Application

Nawkaw Certified Stain Technicians are the best in the industry. No matter the project’s size or scale, the incredible artistic talent of the people who apply our stain are the reason our services are requested all over the world.

Our small, specialized team is certified in product application and is trained to work at any and all elevations. From scaffolding and bosun’s chairs to bucket trucks and anything in between, Nawkaw can get it done. 

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