Embrace fair-faced concrete and eliminate inconsistencies
Fair-faced concrete offers a bold embrace of the striking beauty of concrete. Nawkaw equalizes inconsistencies and ensures your concrete has a uniform beauty throughout your project.
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Strength in Solemnity

In Ohio, the National Veterans Memorial and Museum was to be constructed with a fair-faced concrete and glass exterior, giving grace and reverence to the overall project. After inconsistencies appeared during the poured-in-place process, Nawkaw’s expert team of Stain Technicians corrected the variations in color and shading.  

To retain the organic look and feel of concrete, Nawkaw utilized translucent colors to maintain a more consistent range of texture. The finished result accentuates the concrete architecture and showcases the strength desired by the original designers.  

Your Concrete Color Specialists

Nawkaw’s concrete color solutions enable architects and project managers to customize their concrete. Whether you want to equalize imperfections in the casting process or a complete color transformation, Nawkaw’s in-house production and application specialists can get it done.
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