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Amazon Fulfillment Centre Barrhaven

The continuing growth of the eCommerce sector has led to a rapid increase in demand for distribution centers worldwide, but no name is bigger in the eCommerce space than Amazon. Demand in the Canadian market had grown so quickly that Amazon commissioned the construction of the largest fulfillment center of its kind in all of Canada and needed to turn its gray prefabricated facade into a stunning new development for residents far and wide.

Expertly-trained Nawkaw Stain Technicians applied custom tones, by hand, across the entire structure with industry-leading efficiency and skill. Now completed, and with over 2.8 million square feet of total constructed space, Amazon Fulfillment Centre Barrhaven is a powerful example of concrete construction and concrete stain at scale. Nawkaw’s work with the project likewise exemplifies not only the skill of Nawkaw Stain Technicians but the ability to produce reliable results on a building of any size.

A Unified Look for The Industrial Midwest

Across the industrial Midwest, revitalization efforts meant that more an more previously derelict commercial structures needed a fresh and modern color solution. So, when the call came to Nawkaw that a property management company wanted to commission a contemporary look for their properties, Nawkaw got to work. 

The created finish was a dark range of colors filled with matte black, gray, and deep blue. This range would be applied to a wide host of structures across the region—forever changing the look of these legacy buildings.  

Today, the unified look offers a second chance to otherwise overlooked properties. Their new color scheme stands today as a showcase of the resilience and resurgence of not only the businesses within but the entire region. 

Masonry Transformation

Since day one, Nawkaw has been specializing and perfecting the masonry staining process. Our in-house production team is able to precisely match pre-existing color for repair, extension, and infill work. Our expert Stain Technicians are also able to create natural ranges of color, touch up mortar work, and create unique and transformative finishes for a once-in-a-generation total color solution.

Great Lakes Coca Cola Bottling Center

Near Chicago, the Great Lakes Coca Cola Bottling Center was in dire need of expansion and renovation. Their success necessitated a beautiful new redesign of their campus, and through a comprehensive stain color treatment, Nawkaw was able to bring the architect’s visions to life.

Nawkaw’s in-house experts were able to perfectly match the three specified gray hues with our NawTone-K Opaque mineral stain. Our stain solution means that this distribution center will enjoy its stunning new look for decades to come!

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