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AIA credit courses with Nawkaw

As an architect, professional development is always going to be on the cards. From keeping up to date with the latest trends to learning new skills, there’s constantly something that’ll keep you busy. Moreover, not to mention the AIA credits and further education requirements you need to meet every year. So, to help make things a little easier for you, Nawkaw provides several AIA training courses that are certified by the AIA so that you can earn your credits and grow professionally at the same time.

The benefits of staining and taking an AIA training course

There are plenty of benefits to masonry and concrete staining. We know that as an architect you’re often finding ways to enhance a buildings’ concrete exterior without having to worry about paint peeling off. That’s why staining is the solution of choice for many professionals, as you don’t have to worry about touching up every three to five years and the allover maintenance. Furthermore, stains are suitable for pretty much any kind of concrete and brick surface, any climate, and can be used for interiors, too. Stained surfaces look exceptional, and they help buildings stand out from the crowd. Also, stains can be used as a color solution for restoration projects, especially with its natural appearance.

There’s more to staining than meets the eye, which is why our AIA credit courses will take you through the ins and outs of everything you need to know. We’ll cover how staining works, what options are available on the market, and what to expect when working with them so that you can come up with designs your clients love.

About NAWKAW’s AIA credit courses

Having been an AIA CES passport provider since 1993, we’re passionate about sharing our experience when it comes to professional concrete and masonry stain solutions. What we’ll do is provide a course for you and your colleagues that’ll go through everything you need to know about concrete and masonry staining, and how to incorporate it into your designs as an architect or engineer. We won’t take up much of your time – we like to provide our training in a relaxed working environment.


Best of all – our AIA training courses are FREE, we will travel to you, and provide a luncheon for you to enjoy!


If you’d like to sign up for one of our free AIA training courses, please head over to our seminar request form, and we’ll be happy to get everything scheduled for you.

Check Our Course Overviews:
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NAW2017B_Course Overview

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  • Mario from Nawkaw finished the staining of our stone late yesterday and we could not be more pleased with the results. I’ve attached a before and after picture of the area above our garage. It made a HUGE difference to the look of our home. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical of how this would turn out but Mario did a great job and was easy to work with. We were so impressed by his work that we would like to provide some feedback to Nawkaw. [...]

    • Luke Sorrell
  • Steve, I’m not sure if anyone has reached out to you from the owner group, so, I thought I would let you know that the building looks fantastic. The owner rep, general contractor, architect and ourselves are very happy with the final result, waiting on formal approval. Mitch and Laud were very professional and took care to please the owner rep with small imperfections and educate them on the process. Job well done.

    • Ian C.
    • Project Manager
    • Brxton Masonry Inc.
  • Hi, After seeing what you have been able to do with our exterior, my mom is very interested in having her fireplace redone. [...] It made a huge difference! We are really happy with the results. Also want to tell you that Jeremy, Scott and the other guys are awesome. They were so kind, polite hardworking and accommodating. It was clear that it was very important to them that we were happy with the results. I would highly recommend your company. Thanks so much.

    • Melissa R.
  • Hi Emmett, We are so happy with the work! Had to share the before (listing photos) & after we got the shutters back on and landscaping cleaned up. Love the difference! Thanks for all your help, the crew was excellent and went above and beyond. Very much appreciated! Thank You!

    • Josh & Jess
  • The results exceeded our expectations and we are extremely pleased with how close everything looks . You can't tell where the process starts or ends unless you knew where to look. This saved the natural bricks when our only other alternative would have been to paint all the bricks. Your team did a great job! It is perfect and better than we expected.

    • Mark & Carol W.
    • West Bend, WI
  • I just wanted to take a moment and thank Nawkaw Mideast and their amazing crew for the exceptional job that was performed at the Detroit Savings Bank in Detroit, Michigan. We had attempted every cleaning method known to mankind to remove the carbon staining from the brick facade, but to no avail. Two weeks working with Nawkaw turned the Detroit Savings Bank into a whole new building! Thank you again!

    • John H.
    • Detroit, IL