Thirty years ago, North America’s first stains for brick and concrete originated in Nawkaw’s laboratories. Today, Nawkaw provides a portfolio of superior products with proven durability that has withstood the test of time. Each Nawkaw stain provides specific advantages, but all are formulated for longevity.

Locally adapted | Scientifically advanced | Environmentally Friendly

Because a brick home in Chicago is exposed to very different conditions than a concrete skyscraper in Sydney, Australia, Nawkaw created and educated regional teams of highly-qualified Color and Application Technicians who adjust color treatments for the specific climate and environmental factors in your area. In addition, Nawkaw’s specialized research team in Athens, Georgia, can perform standardized tests on your materials and provide comprehensive advice.

Each Nawkaw stain provides specific advantages, but all are formulated for longevity. Mineral construction materials, such as brick and concrete, are open-pored, and a capillary effect naturally allows some moisture to penetrate the surface and escape as water vapor. Unlike various film-forming coatings, Nawkaw stains allow building materials to retain that natural breathability, thus preventing cracking, spalling, and delamination of the surface.

Nawkaw stains and technological processes are environmentally friendly. Developing zero VOC products and providing solutions that conserve and restore existing surface materials are just some of the ways Nawkaw is providing a better quality of life in a healthier, more beautiful environment.

Color Products


Advanced stain for complete design control on concrete and masonry.

NawTone-K Opaque

Complete hiding power and beautiful color options in one advanced stain.

NawTone-K Metallic

Metallic stain for stunning finishes on concrete and masonry.


Versatile stain with unlimited color choices for masonry or concrete.


Stain providing color PLUS water repellant in one beautiful step.


Glossy finish stain for versatile color and shine on masonry or concrete. 

Colorless Products


Invisible, photocatalytically active coating designed to give self-cleaning properties to exterior surfaces.


Clear, penetrating water repellent providing moisture protection to vertical masonry and concrete.


Diluting agent used to control opacity of NawTone-K stain product. Formulas available for concrete or masonry.

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