Technical Data

NawTone+Plus Acrylic Stain is a hydrous, specially formulated base containing high-quality polymers and a built-in water repellent—that’s the plus! The addition of lightfast pigments enables a wide range of colors to be produced. NawTone+Plus exhibits these overall characteristics:

UV & Weather Resistant | Lightfast | Low VOC| Aspiratory | Durable | Low Odor | Mold & Mildew Resistant | Environmentally Friendly

NawTone+Plus is very versatile. It can be applied to brick, block, mortar, stucco, EIFS, and concrete surfaces. By using different application methods and adjusting the transparency and saturation of the product, a variety of appearances can be achieved—from a faint wash to full opacity. This makes NawTone+Plus a superior choice for new construction, renovation, restoration, and preservation. NawTone+Plus is used for matching additions, historic preservation, complete color changes, decorative applications and solving color problems in masonry and concrete. 

Environmental & Safety Concerns
NawTone+Plus is water-based, non-flammable, non-hazardous, and has very low VOC content. Use of this product may help your projects qualify for LEED credits.


Viscosity: (72° F) 70°-90° KU

pH: 8.5-9.5

Finish: flat

Nonflammable (ASN/ZS 1530.3-1999)

< 5 g/L (SCAQMDR 1168)

Abrasion Resistance:

Freeze/Thaw Test (ASTM C216-86):

Salt Attack Resistance (AS/NZS 4456.10):
no blisters

Water Penetration and Leakage (ASTM E514-90, ASTM C270, ASTM C140):

– Appearance of first visible water (min): none
– Area of dampness (4H, % of test area): none
– Water collected (4H, liter): none

UV Resistant–Accelerated Weathering (ASTM G154:2000, ASTM G53-88, D2244-89) 2000 H:

Application Temperature:
25°-110°F (-4°-43°C)*

Tack Free Time:
3/4 -1 1/2 hours

Dry Time for Reapplication (if required):
4 H

allow 21 days

Shelf Life:
6 months in factory sealed container

Product Properties

  • Nonflammable
  • Nontoxic
  • Water-based
  • Vapor-permeable
  • Low VOC
  • Water washup
  • Water repellent

*Applications in temperatures below 40°F and when temperatures drop below 40°F within 8 hours of application must be done by Nawkaw.


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