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Nawkaw’s expert mineral stain application for residential work increases curb appeal and raises property values through transformational color solutions.
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Wanapitei Lake Home

Near Sudbury, along Northern Ontario’s beautiful Wanapitei Lake, owners of this new residential construction wanted evocative, bold, and dark materiality for their home. Alongside metal paneling and other elements, a fixture of the lower half of the home was to be rich, textured stonework.

To create the look, precast concrete was used to create gray stone shapes, which Nawkaw transformed with two tones of NawTone. A rich range of color and form was created, leaving this lakeside retreat as striking as the designers intended.  

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Explore how Nawkaw's durable stain solution and expert techniques delivered on our client's vision.

Sarah Richardson's Retro Ranch Reno

When award-winning designer and television personality Sarah Richardson needed a masonry stain solution for her YouTube show Design Life, she knew who to call.

Nawkaw was excited for the opportunity to work with Sarah Richardson once again on her Retro Ranch Reno project. Our team walked Sarah through the stain selection process and make sure the home exterior she envisioned was brought to reality through our expert stain manufacturing and application services.

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Read the full story behind one of our favorite projects and view the Sarah Richardson video!

Midwest Elegance

In the metro Chicago area, the owners of this beautiful brick home wanted a more modern look without sacrificing the unique textural aesthetic that masonry brings. They didn’t want one color—but rather a range of colors that didn’t look like paint.  

Nawkaw Stain Technicians were able to work with the homeowners to create a natural range of colors in a white-to-beige gradiant. These colors would be hand applied, brick by brick, to create the desired appearance. 

The finished home now processes a more modern charm—and won’t ever have to worry about their new color peeling, chipping, or fading thanks to Nawkaw’s industry-leading application process.  

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Fireplace Makeovers

Modern Masonry

Since day one, Nawkaw has been specializing and perfecting the masonry staining process. Our in-house production team is able to precisely match pre-existing color for repair, extension, and infill work. Our expert Stain Technicians are also able to create natural ranges of color, touch up mortar work, and create unique and transformative finishes for a once-in-a-generation total color solution.
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