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Concrete Portfolio 2022

Our comprehensive concrete and masonry stain portfolio explores the wide breadth of Nawkaw’s work over its 30-year history. 

View leatherlike finishes in Australia, innovative colors in Canada, reclaimed main street projects across the United States, and much more.

Learn about Nawkaw’s products, how stain solutions help realize architectural visions, and how new colorless finishes can contribute to a greener environment through photocatalytic reactions. 

Concrete & Masonry Portfolio 2020

Discover the extensive range of Nawkaw’s concrete and masonry stain portfolio, showcasing 30 years of work. See leather-like finishes in Australia, unique colors in Canada, and revitalized main street projects in the US. Learn about Nawkaw’s products, how they bring architectural visions to life, and how new colorless finishes promote a greener environment through photocatalytic reactions.

Color Finishes Chart_Nawkaw_01-2022

Finishes & Color Chart

Explore trending colors and finishes and design your dream project with hundreds of options from Nawkaw. Pick and choose your favorite looks, or reach out to have a custom creation inspired by your selections!

Trending Architectural Finishes

View popular architectural finishes from around the world crafted from textured concrete and masonry. 

Select your favorites for inspiration or for your next creation.

Cost breakdown Paint vs Nawkaw Stain

Cost Analysis Paint vs. Nawkaw stains

Explore the cost of masonry finishes over a 25-year period with this simple one-page breakdown between acrylic latex paint and Nawkaw mineral stain. 

Our analysis includes reapplication requirements, annual cleaning, and labor costs associated with both finish types. 

Concrete services Trifold

Nawkaw_Color Plus Finishes Trifold JPEG

Masonry Services Trifold

Metallic Finishes Brochure

NawKote-PC Trifold


Case Studies

White Papers

Introduction Nawkaw Staining Process

nawkaw staining process

Explore the staining process of Nawkaw mineral and acrylic stains in comparison to classical coatings. Directly contrast VOC content, mildew and UV resistance, and other metrics, and view the visual creations only possible through stain. 

Science of Nawkaw Stain

The Science of nawkaw stains

Dive deep into the chemical and physical properties of mineral stain. Our comprehensive in-house research is on full display in this paper, meant for those who want to fully immerse themselves in the science behind color.

Photocatalytic Coatings

Embrace the power of the sun with proven coatings that generate oxygen, possess self-cleaning properties, and passively destroy viruses and bacteria. This 50-year-old technology can fundamentally change what it means for a building to contribute to its local ecosystem. 

Nawkaw Integral Concrete vs. Stain White Paper

Integral Concrete vs. Nawkaw stains

Why stain concrete when dyes can be mixed into the concrete itself? Our paper explores the benefits and issues associated with integral concrete in comparison to a stain solution. 

Nawkaw Sustainability White Paper

sustainability at nawkaw

It isn’t enough to make sustainable products–every aspect of a company needs to contribute towards the fight for our environment. Read how we’ve configured our operations, investments, and production towards environmental protection.

Renovation and Restoration of Historical Landmarks

Historical Buildings & Landmark Restoration

Brick and concrete can last decades or even centuries. Our historic and restorative work aids project creators in more sustainable construction and enables preservationists to protect the landmarks which define their communities.

Nawkaw Adaptive Reuse White Paper

Adaptive reuse

Give legacy structures a second life through adaptive reuse! Learn more about the principles and theory behind these projects, real-world case studies, and how Nawkaw can help with your next project. 

Nawkaw Home Owner Associations White Paper

home owner associations

Explore our color solutions specific to homeowners associations, including the use of color to improve property values and curb appeal. Maintain visual harmony across many homes while still empowering homeowners to craft the homes of their dreams. 

Technical Data Sheet

Specifications & Safety Data Sheets Download

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