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Max Uzum, Co-Director

Mahmut “Max” Uzum is the Co-Director of Nawkaw Australia. A passion for architecture and an impeccable eye for detail made him a highly sought after painter from a very young age.

With an impressive portfolio and extensive field experience under his belt, Max knows better than most what it means to provide world-class solutions for concrete & masonry services.

Holly Uzum, Co-Director

Hulya “Holly” Uzum is the Co-Director of Nawkaw Australia. From the moment she started her career at just 13 years old, it was clear that she had a remarkable aptitude and talent for administration, human resources, and customer relations. 

With her interdisciplinary experience and business acumen, customers can rest easy knowing that with Holly, they can expect superior customer service from start to finish.


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Why Nawkaw?

Nawkaw launched the concrete and masonry staining industry over 30 years ago. Since then, we have been innovating the industry with our proprietary products and services. We help architects, general contractors, and homeowners to change the color of buildings by using stain. The benefits of stain outweigh those of paint by a long shot. 

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Copper Finish Concrete Stain

Concrete Staining

Staining concrete is efficient and outlasts paint by a long time. 

Margaret Mitchell House Masonry Staining

Masonry Staining

Staining masonry will help to preserve the natural structure and texture.

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Nawkaw produces custom colors. All stains are environmentally friendly.

Nawkaw Australia

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