NawTone-K Metallic

Technical Data

NawTone-K Metallic is a mineral stain that uses silicate as a binding agent to form a permanent chemical bond with substrates. The highest quality metallic pigments ensure a lack of tarnishing. NawTone-K Metallic creates a look that captivates the eye of the observer.
This product exhibits the overall characteristics of being:

UV & Weather Resistant Lightfast Penetrating Aspiratory Durable Odorless Mold & Mildew Resistant Environmentally Friendly

NawTone-K Metallic can be diluted with NawThinz-C for concrete surfaces or with NawThinz-M for masonry surfaces to create color wash, semi-transparent, or opaque finishes with infinite range of shimmering. Our customized application techniques allow an unlimited range of metallic appearances, from consistent gold or silver to deep chiaroscuro. NawTone-K Metallic is a superior choice for new construction, renovation, restoration, and preservation, from decorative applications to complete color changes.

Environmental & Safety Concerns
NawTone-K Metallic is water-based, nonhazardous and has zero VOC content. Use of this product may help your projects qualify for LEED credits.


Viscosity: (72° F) 60°-80° KU

pH: ~11

Finish: flat


VOC: 0 g/L (ASTM D6886)

Abrasion Resistance: excellent

Water Vapor Permeance: 4.5×10-6 g/Pa s m2

Water Diffusion Resistance: sd(H2O)<0.01 m 

UV Resistant–Accelerated Weathering (ASTM G154): pass

Application Temperature: 41°-110°F (5°-43°C)

Dry Time for Reapplication (if required): 12 H concrete / 24 H masonry

Shelf Life: 12 months in factory sealed container

Product Properties

  • Penetrating

  • Non-tarnishing

  • Nonflammable

  • Nontoxic

  • Water-based

  • Solvent-free

  • Vapor-permeable

  • Non-film-forming

  • Zero VOC

  • Water washup


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