Technical Data​

NawKote-WR is a high-quality, water-based microemulsion formulated to provide extensive moisture protection to above grade, vertical masonry, and concrete surfaces. NawKote-WR is a clear, penetrating water repellent. This product significantly reduces water penetration that can cause unsightly appearances and costly repairs. The active ingredient reacts with the mineral matrix of the building material, offering extremely high durability. 

NawKote-WR allows moisture vapors to escape, reducing the risks of spalling or similar failure caused by trapped moisture. Environmental & Safety Concerns NawKote-WR is a water-based repellent that has a low Volatile Organic Content (VOC) of less than 175 grams per liter. The use of this product may help your projects qualify for LEED credits


Density: 0.97 g/cm³

VOC: 174.7 g/L (ASTM 3960)

Water Vapor-Permeable

UV Resistant & Weather Resistant

Resistance to Deicing Chemicals (ASTM C672):
no scaling

Water Penetration and Leakage (ASTM E514-90):
– Appearance of first visible water (min): none
– Area of dampness (4h, % of test area): none
– Water collected (4h, liter): none

Application Temperature: 41°-100°F (5°-37.7°C)

Reapplication: wet on wet

Shelf Life: concentrate – 12 months in factory
sealed container / ready to use – 24 hours

Product Properties​

  • Penetrating

  • Water-based

  • Solvent-free

  • Vapor-permeable

  • Non-film-forming

  • Low VOC


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