2023 Design Trends: White Brick Dye

Did you know that there are more million-dollar homes in the United States than ever?

A home is one of life’s greatest assets so it’s worth doing everything you can to boost the value of your investment. One way you can do this is by changing the color of your bricks for an amazing look. Instead of painting bricks, professionals use what’s known as a brick dye.

Are you wondering how it’s possible? Keep reading to learn all about 2023 design trends with this in-depth look at white brick dye.

Why Paint on Brick Doesn't Work

Some people who have heard about the wonderful white brick dye trend have assumed that they can take the project upon themselves by using brick paint. However, this isn’t a good idea because using paint is a recipe for disaster. This is due to the lack of breathability that comes with a coat of paint.

It won’t take very long for the paint to peel and chip because of moisture that gets trapped inside. Not only will this damage the bricks and reduce the curb appeal of your home but it makes it even more expensive to fix and do the right way. Plus, you’ll need to scrape away and dispose of the old paint.

Don’t forget that paint is thick and will end up covering the beautiful texture of your bricks. It’s not a stretch to compare painted bricks to a cake with too much frosting. This is a style that you’d only see on cheap public and commercial buildings completed by people who are attempting to cut corners.

What Is White Brick Dye?

Instead of using paint that will chip and peel all over, a group of professionals will stain your brick house with dye instead. The brick soaks in the color so that moisture can come through the brick’s structure and escape into the atmosphere without any trouble. To encourage a thorough and uniform stain, the white brick dye has a water base to it.

While white is one of the most popular brick trends, there are other mineral dyes you can choose from if you want to go a different aesthetic route. For instance, there’s charcoal, Tudor brown, warm orange, and even old oak. It’s also possible to have an overlapping style, such as black and white that evokes the trend of shabby chic.

The professional team of stain technicians at Nawkaw treated a home in Chicago to a gorgeous gradient of white and beige. This brought out the historic aspect of the home’s midwest style while also adding a modern twist to it. The stain technicians guarantee quality by hand-staining each brick using a high-grade brush.

It’s crucial to hire a professional team because if you try to do it yourself, the dye could spread too much. You may even stain the brick too deeply. If that happens, you’ll be stuck with an over-saturated color that won’t come out.

The Benefits of White Brick Dye

There’s no denying that the look of white brick has an almost ethereal quality. This comes from the fact that you can still see the wonderful texture of each brick clearly and the color is so pronounced as well. This is a huge difference from the sloppiness that comes from attempting to paint bricks.

Another benefit of white brick dye is that it will last for many years to come. This is an investment you can enjoy each day until you decide to sell the house. At that time, you can count on getting even more back on your investment because the attractive beauty of brick isn’t going anywhere.

If you do notice the dye fading after a long time, then it’s easy to get a touch-up so that it looks as great as it did on the first day you invested in the brick dye. Since it does last a long time, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting your money’s worth. The exact price will depend on a variety of factors, including the company you choose to work with, your particular location, and the square footage of your home.

Finding a Reliable Professional

Since applying brick dye isn’t one of those DIY projects that you can take charge of, it’s important to find a team of professionals you can rely on. That way, you can get the most out of your home renovation instead of flushing money down the drain. This is where Nawkaw comes in.

Their high-quality products and revolutionary techniques have been sought after worldwide. Instead of using just anything, Nawkaw is dedicated to finding and using the most elegant color solutions. From skyscrapers to restoration projects, they can handle any challenge and produce something lasting and luxurious.

It’s always important to seek out online reviews when making a decision on a renovation company. This is why it’s worth looking over the testimonials regarding Nawkaw’s expertise and attention to detail. From the team’s reliability to their willingness to accommodate, you can always rely on them for your staining and finishing needs.

Are You Ready to Invest in the Beauty of White Brick Dye?

Now that you’ve learned all about white brick dye, you can decide whether you want to elevate the aesthetic look of your home. Not only will it boost your curb appeal, but you’re sure to also attract plenty of compliments from your house guests and neighbors.

Nawkaw is an internationally-renowned provider of custom stain jobs and architectural finishes for both residential and commercial buildings. We’re proud to serve clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

If you’re ready to share your vision with us, we’d be happy to discuss turning it into a reality.

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