Government Projects

Working with the public sector

Public works and projects enable municipalities to showcase their strengths and support their local communities. Through color and finishing work, Nawkaw can give public spaces and infrastructure a look that accentuates the strength of service the public sector provides.

Project: Armed Forces Reserve Center and Field Maintenance Shop

Thirty years of experience and industry-leading service mades Nawkaw the eminent choice for finishing this impressive Armed Forces Reserve Center and Field Maintenance Shop. Exterior walls were constructed of tilt-up concrete panels, with patterns and textures created by formliners. Nawkaw then brought those textures to life by creating natural, multi-toned stone finishes that have permanently penetrated the face of the panels.


Before and during work, the unstained precast panels stood as evidence of the transformational power Nawkaw’s color and finishing work was having on the structure.


Multi-stained stones with natural colors were used to create a classic look with the building’s concrete. 

Other Government Projects

Before Nawkaw’s work, the construction of this new fountain needed an amazing stain to match the building.

Nawkaw was able to color match the fountain, creating campus harmony and giving guests the impression that both had been built simultaneously! 

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