Landmark Restoration

Restoring the Community

As communities grow, businesses and other structures can become so much more than the sum of their parts. These landmarks become ingrained into the fabric of a community–and their preservation is critical to help a community maintain its identity over time. Nawkaw is proud to use innovative techniques to restore landmarks and return them to their former glory. 

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

After decades of wear and tear, the Cincinnati Music Hall in Ohio needed extensive renovations to preserve and restore the hall for future generations. Improvements to the interior structure were made to upgrade and modernize the building’s function as a venue. 

For the structure’s exterior, Nawkaw stepped in to even out the different brick color tones throughout the entire building and finished the nearly two-year renovation project with a harmonious final look. Today, the building stands as world-class music and event space to serve the Cincinnati musicians and citizens.


The building’s masonry showed discoloring in many places. With no original brick remaining and no ability to create additional bricks of the same color, Nawkaw’s color-matching stain solution was able to cover up any repair and infill work.


Nawkaw completed touch-ups across the building to restore the structure’s inherent beauty. Thanks to long-lasting stains, Cincinnati Music Hall will look fabulous for decades to come. 

Project: Neenah Clock Tower

Location: Neenah, Wisconsin

Constructed in 1888, the Neenah Clock Tower originally functioned as a beacon for City Hall.

For more than a century, this four-sided clock tower had been worn down from pollution, grime, and copper stains. In one short week, the brick, mortar, and stone were cleaned and restored. Next, Nawkaw stains were utilized to color the entire structure and mask infill work and mismatched brick.

The final look returns this clock tower to its rightful glory in the heart of Neenah. 


Neenah Clock Tower Before Nawkaw Portfolio

The Neenah Clock Tower exhibited signs of wear and significant discoloration throughout the structure. The tower was built back in 1888 and stands at 110 feet tall. 


Neenah Clock Tower After Nawkaw Portfolio

As there was no way to replace the brick with its original batch, Nawkaw was hired to restore the entire tower and preserve its natural beauty. 

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